Are you insured?

We carry employer’s liability insurance of €13 Million and public liability of €6.5 Million. Certificates are available upon request.

Are you C2 registered?

Yes we are registered and fully tax compliant.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we will cover any of our installations indefinitely, any quality contractor should!

Why should we use RDC Contracts?

We come recommended by the major manufacturers and suppliers of both concrete paving and natural stone, their phone numbers are available on our "about us" page, feel free to call them and ask about RDC’s work. When you’re spending hard earned money be sure to use a recommended contractor. If you use a contractor who pamphlets your area be prepared to be disappointed, always research your chosen contractor.

What areas do you cover?

Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Meath, Laois and Carlow.

How long will my driveway or patio take to complete?

The average driveway takes 2 days; this includes excavation, spoil removal, placement of hardcore and laying of paving. The average patio is a 1-2 day job depending on size and access.

Should I worry about weeds?

No, correctly laid paving has material in the joints which goes a long way towards stopping the problem, always keep your paving free of debris by way of occasional sweeping and we would recommend that a home owner sprays any paving or tarmacadam yearly with a moss killer.

What if I have an oil spill?

Try and soak up the oil, use washing up liquid and boiling water to clean the area. As part of our service we will call out and replace stained paving.

Will my paving sink in any way?

Installed correctly by a competent contractor, the answer is no. Sinkage is caused by poor ground preparation, some contractors try to use the old broken up driveway as infill, this material will not compact properly and cause sinkage. Your contractor should remove all of the old driveway and start with a new base of hardcore.

Can you widen the entrance to my driveway?

Yes we can either move a pillar or rebuild a new one.

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